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PrivyLink was among the first to promote and pioneer end-to-end system security, which has since become an essential system and network design goal in the ICT security industry. Supposedly strong cryptographic systems can be paralyzed by security gaps. We released version one of our first product IASE, short for Internet Application Security Environment, back in 1998, this product quickly rose to fame as it plugged the security gaps in our clients’ systems. We went on to develop CKS, the Asian first NIST-certified cryptographic key server. CKS has been used in many payment and e-government systems for data protection, user authentication and identity management. SLIFT is another of our flagship products. It has earned its reputation as a cost-effective and versatile application for securing documents exchanged over unprotected or public networks.  The line of SLIFT secure document exchange products is by far the most comprehensive in the market. They can easily be configured for use in many deployment scenarios. Our latest innovations in biometric cryptography and trusted mobile message exchange have further expanded our product range for applications such as homeland security systems and mobile payment.

Our solutions are designed primarily to:

  • Secure applications
  • Manage identity
  • Enforce accountabiliy
  • Implement-end-to-end-security   



Contact us for more information on our products:

Sales Contact E-mail: sales@privylink.com.sg
Support Contact E-mail: helpdesk@privylink.com.sg