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Our Vision
Our Vision is to be the leader in info-communication security solutions and applications in the Asia-Pacific region, and to play a key role in shaping global e-business security


Founded in 1997 by Professor K.Y. Lam as an advanced security R&D house, PrivyLink is geared to meet the strong industrial demands for high-assurance delivery channels in secure electronic commerce transactions and homeland security systems. We have established ourselves as the key innovator of strong security solutions deployed in government departments, financial institutes and corporations. Our products offer adaptive end-to-end security protection for applications and data exchanged over fixed networks and mobile channels.

Based in Singapore , our In-house R&D team has been carrying out advanced technology research and product development in areas such as strong non-repudiation systems, biometric cryptography, multi-factor authentication and mobile channel security. PrivyLink's comprehensive end-to-end e-security solutions are designed to meet evolving standards and business requirements, and they can be standalone solutions or integrated in a variety of applications including Internet and mobile banking, homeland security, secure document exchange, mobile payments and two-factor authentication systems for financial institutes and private network access.

As part of our consulting services, we provide security review and system design for security infrastructures and payment systems. Our clients include government departments, financial institutes and other organizations. Some of the projects we undertook are associated with:


  • Fingerprint cryptography
  • Biometric passport
  • Secure e-commerce and e-banking
  • Smart national ID card system
  • Payment gateway, PKI and wireless PKI project
  • Automated passenger and vehicle clearance systems